About Us

We are a family-owned business powered by a remarkable team spirit, uncompromising craftsmanship and outstanding service to our customers. In short, we play quite well with others and treat our customers as our partners in play!

Serious about play

We’re passionate about advancing the art and science of children’s play. Play is the cornerstone of healthy development. Through play, kids cultivate imagination, problem solving abilities, social skills and physical development.

We specialize in blending the best of technology and child development science to design playgrounds that stimulate the imagination and offer intriguing opportunities for age-appropriate play and socialization.

We provide comprehensive playground solutions that include planning, design and installation. We can also ship our M-Play components directly to you. This series is expressly designed for customers looking for “plug and play” solutions to augment existing play structures.

Serious about the environment

We were the first playground company in the country to donate a portion of the proceeds from every new playground to enhancing and preserving the environment. We’ve also been pioneers in using recycled materials in playgrounds. We were among the first companies to offer green playgrounds that are built from the finest reclaimed and recycled materials.

Serious about safety

We’ve never had a single injury or accident due to equipment failure or installation. Not one.

Meyer Design

Playground Equipment & Design
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