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If you've ever seen an old-fashioned barn-raising you will understand the kinds of rewards that are gained from experiencing an activity that brings people together to work toward a common goal. Those who work on a Volunteer Assisted Installation gain a sense of ownership and responsibility toward the finished project, and the pride felt by the volunteers in their accomplishment translates into pride toward the school or the community.

This program is an economical and rewarding playground construction option. When the design and the costs for your playground are finalized, and it's time for the actual construction to begin, you can have your own team of volunteer workers put it all together. Our crew of three to five professionals have the specialized skills to act as trainers and supervisors for your team of workers. Our trucks arrive fully equipped to provide your volunteers with the tools and materials needed to complete the project.

With as few as ten or as many as seventy-five people working on the site at any one time, and using two shifts per day, it is possible to have as many as 400 to 500 workers at the site over the course of a weekend. We have the construction management expertise to make sure the process operates smoothly and safely as we guide your volunteers through the stages of construction. For larger projects, preliminary planning and organization sessions are available for your team of volunteers, so that have the appropriate information and preparation in advance of the installation date.

Volunteers learn new skills, meet new people, enhance their sense of belonging, and make an important connection to the community. When people work together in the spirit of cooperation, not only for the children, but for the benefit of the community as a whole, the outcome can only be a positive one, and the project a successful one.

In addition to these benefits, you can enjoy tangible cost savings. By providing volunteer labor, you can save a meaningful portion of the entire project cost. The combination of quality materials, professional supervision, willing volunteers and savings of precious funds is unbeatable.

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