Safe Surface

Every child deserves the opportunity to play in safe and creative environments that foster the development of important life skills and social play. We design all play structures to comply with ADA and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines.

The first commonly accepted method used to make structures accessible are to provide ramps, taking into account the degree of slope and the dimensions. The second method is to include transfer points, which are a series of platforms that allow a child to leave a wheelchair and access the play structure.

There are many important issues to be aware of concerning playground safety. The CPSC offers a free booklet containing guidelines for playground safety that is an excellent resource for organizations. The booklet provides information regarding site location, equipment location, age separation, types of equipment and access to it. All the factors that contribute to the design and construction of a safe and accessible playground are included.

Poured in Place Rubber

For the safest surfaces available, Happy Landing resilient play surface systems provide the quality and versatility required by today's standards. Indoors or outdoors, Happy Landing is a leader for providing colorful, safe, cost-effective solutions for virtually any recreational surfacing.

At Meyer Design, we've been installing safe play systems for many years, and our Happy Landing poured in place surfacing system meets all CPSC and ASTM guidelines. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to make a playground accessible to all! Every project we undertake is carefully designed with special attention paid to color, budget, drainage, and existing surface surroundings.

Our poured in place surfacing is ideal for children, providings them with a clean, non-toxic, totally safe system which encourages creative, carefree play. Designing or upgrading existing play areas is made easier with this surface system because it accomodates any equipment height, drainage, installation plan or existing surface. Our safety surfacing is aesthetically pleasing, with a great range of color possibilities.

Recycled Shredded Rubber

This is a clean, non-toxic loose fill surface material made from recycled tires. This is a fabulous option for playgrounds because it doesn’t rot and it doesn’t absorb water. Your playground will be dry and safe quickly with this soft, resilient and durable surfacing that comes in a variety of bright colors.

Engineered Wood Fiber

This surfacing is made from engineered, non-toxic, crushed wood fiber. The wood used in this surfacing contains no chemicals, paints or other additives. It is fresh wood that can’t be manufactured into lumber. It is environmentally safe, ADA compliant and economical. It does require some maintenance and periodic “topping off” to maintain the required depth needed for safety.

Our Warranty

Meyer Design stands behind its work. We meet ASTMF-1487, the standard performance specifications for playground equipment for public use. We also offer a limited warranty on our products.

Limited Warranty

  • We offer a 30-year warranty against structural failure on all recycled Plastic Lumber posts, decking and stairs.
  • Plastic slides, tunnels and panels are guaranteed for 10 years against structural failure
  • Steel components are guaranteed for 15 years against structural failure.

Playground Pointers

  • Set up a maintenance program that includes regular equipment inspection and maintenance to ensure that the equipment is maintained in the best possible condition. We are happy to provide you with complementary forms to assist you with this.
  • Implement a program educating the children on the proper use and safety of the equipment.
  • Establish supervision guidelines to ensure the safest opportunities for play. We can offer suggestions for this.
  • Use signage to outline playground rules and identify age-appropriate play areas. We offer these to all our customers.
Damage resulting from vandalism, abnormal use, lack of maintenance or similar inappropriate conditions is not covered by this warranty.

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